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Geoenvironmental & Geotechnical Engineering

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Hello from beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado! This website provides information on ongoing geoenvironmental & geotechnical engineering research and teaching activities at Colorado State University (CSU). Geoenvironmental & geotechnical engineering is a sub-area of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering within the Scott College of Engineering at CSU. Go Rams!


Our focuses


Geoenvironmental engineering is the application of soil, geologic, geosynthetic (polymer), chemical, and environmental sciences to solve problems related to protection of human health and the environment. Geoenvironmental engineers work to contain the physical and chemical wastes of modern society, as well as remediate contamination in the subsurface caused by, for example, industrial spills, failed waste containment facilities. 


Geotechnical engineering employs concepts of soil and rock mechanics to the analysis and design of geotechnical structures such as (i) shallow and deep foundations, (ii) retaining walls and structures, (iii) excavations and excavated slopes, (iv) earth dams and embankments, and (v) liners and covers for waste containment facilities (e.g., landfills).

Soil Mechanics arrived at the borderline between science and art. I use the term “art” to indicate mental processes leading to satisfactory results without the assistance of step-for-step logical reasoning… To acquire competence in the field of earthwork engineering one must live with the soil. One must love it and observe its performance not only in the laboratory but also in the field, to become familiar with those of its manifold properties that are not disclosed by boring records…
— Karl Terzaghi | Father of Soil Mechanics
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