Colorado State University

Neelufar Aghazamani

PHD student

Hometown: Noshahr, Iran

Previous Education: B.S. Civil Engineering, Science & Culture University, Tehran, Iran; M.S. Civil Engineering-Groundwater, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran

Research Topic: Large-strain consolidation of mine tailings

Outside Interests: Video Games, traveling with beloved ones, drawing and graphic designing, watching movies with family and/or friends


Ragan Anthony

MS Student

Hometown: Vail, Colorado USA

Previous Education: B.A. Geology, University of Colorado

Research Topic: TBD

Outside Interests: Telemark skiing, rock climbing, fly fishing, playing ukulele, & yoga

Joe Bindner.jpg

Joe Bindner

MS Student

Hometown: St. Peters, Missouri

Previous Education: B.S. Geological Engineering, Missouri University of Science & Technology

Research Topic: TBD

Outside Interests: Varsity Cross Country, track & field, hiking, biking, boating


Raquel N. Borja Castillo

MS Student

Hometown: Lima, Peru

Previous Education: B.S. Civil Engineering, National Engineering University (Peru)

Research Topic: design of water balance covers consisting of mixed mine waste rock & tailings

Outside Interests: swimming

Mohammad Reza Hassanzadeh Gorakhki

Phd Student

Hometown: Mashhad, Iran.

Previous Education: B.S. Civil Engineering, Azad University of Mashhad, M.S. Civil Engineering, Colorado State University.

Research Topic: enhancing design of water balance covers composed of mixed mine waste materials

Outside Interests:  soccer, puzzles, sudoku


Kubra Kahramanoglu

MS Student

Hometown: Samsun, Turkey

Previous Education: B.S. Mining Engineering, Middle East Technical University

Research Topic: application of in-situ rock/soil mechanics tests to water structures

Outside Interests: cooking, shopping, theater, travelling


Sajjad Karimi


Hometown: Tehran, Iran

Previous Education: B.Sc. Civil Engineering, University of Tehran, M.Sc. Environmental Engineering, University of Tehran

Research Topic: implication of solid and liquid waste co-disposal on organic stability and biochemical compatibility

Outside Interests: mountain climbing, swimming, reading poetry, and philosophy


Trevor Kent

MS Student

Hometown: Loveland, Colorado

Previous Education: B.S. Civil Engineering, Colorado State university

Research Topic: mine waste cover systems

Outside Interests: hiking, camping, road biking, skiing, reading, standing in front of mountain lakes wearing a Patagonia hat


Anna Norris

PHD Student

Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

Previous Education: B.S. in Civil Engineering University of Nebraska, M.S. in Civil Engineering Ghent University, Belgium

Research Topic: polymerized bentonite: properties, barrier applications, and fundamental behavior

Outside Interests: yoga, hiking, cycling, food! 


Matt Pauly

MS Student

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Previous Education: B.S. Civil Engineering, Colorado State University

Research Topic: Global modeling of unsaturated soil strength for vehicle mobility

Outside Interests: hiking, camping, snowboarding, golf, watching sports (go packers!)


Katie Sitler

MS Student

Hometown: Highlands Ranch, Colorado USA

Previous Education: B.S. Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Wyoming

Research Topic: undecided

Outside Interests: hockey, kayaking, and paddle boarding


Ben Taylor

ME Student

Hometown: Boston, MA

Previous Education: B.S. Civil Engineering, UMass Amherst

Research Topic: earth embankment dams

Outside Interests: soccer, cycling, crossfit with wife, Sox and Pats, breweries, bass guitar


Zana Taher

PhD Student

Hometown:  Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan IRAQ

Adviser Names: Professors Scalia & Bareither

Previous Education: B.S. Civil Engineering, University of Sulamani Kurdistan, M.S. Civil Engineering, Colorado State University

Research Topic: polymer amendments for expansive soil mitigation

Outside Interests:  volleyball, swimming, hiking


Kim Vander Vis

MS Student

Hometown: Acton, California USA

Previous Education: B.S. Civil Engineering, University of California, Davis

Research Topic: undecided

Outside Interests: traveling, exploring beautiful Colorado, cooking, and spending time with family & friends.



(since 2016)

Joel Conzelmann

MS Graduate

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan USA

Previous Education: B.S.E. Civil Engineering, University of Michigan

Research Topic: hydraulic conductivity of geosynthetic clay liners to mine waste solutions


Emily Cook

MS graduate

Hometown: Waconia, Minnesota

Previous Education: B.S. Civil Engineering, University of Wisconsin – Madison. Go Badgers!

Research Topic: evaluate the effects of solid and liquid waste co-disposal in landfills on methane generation and biocompatibility

Aliena Debelak

MS graduate

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Previous Education: B.S. Civil Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Go Badgers!

Research Topic: coupled numerical simulation of debris flow-soil-structure interactions for flexible barrier mitigation systems

Cameron Fritz

MS graduate

Hometown:  Chugiak, Alaska

Previous Education: B.S. Civil Engineering, Colorado State University

Research Topic: clay membrane behavior in waste containment applications

Matteus Hamade

MS Graduate

Hometown: Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Previous Education: B.S. Civil Engineering, Universidade FUMEC

Research Topic: shear behavior of mine waste mixtures

Wes Herweynen


Hometown: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Previous Education: BE Civil (First Class Honors), University of Tasmania

Research Topic: evaluation of the effect of polymer amendment on large-strain consolidation behavior of mine tailings using a new seepage-induced consolidation apparatus constructed at CSU.


Kayla Moden

MS Student

Hometown:  Parker, Colorado USA

Previous Education: B.S. Environmental Engineering, Colorado State University

Research Topic: analyzing effectiveness of post-wildfire ground treatments to mitigate erosion and runoff

Kelechi James Nwaokorie

MS graduate

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

Previous Education: B.Eng. Chemical Engineering, Federal University of Technology, Owerri; Nigeria. M.S. Soil and Water Science, Florida A & M University, Tallahassee, USA

Research Topic: implications of solid and liquid waste co-disposal on organic stability and biochemical compatibility


Monika Popang

MS graduate / Fulbright Scholar

Hometown: Bontang - East Borneo, Indonesia

Previous Education: Bachelor in Civil Engineering (S.T.), Universitas Gadjah Mada (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

Research Topic: geoenvironmental engineering & environmental geotechnics


Caleb Stock

MS graduate

Hometown: Mankato, Minnesota USA

Previous Education: B.S. Geological Engineering, University of Minnesota

Research Topic: comparison of hydraulic performance of low permeability cover versus water balance cover


Zhengguang Tian

MS Graduate

Hometown: Suzhou, Anhui China

Previous Education: B.S. Civil Engineering, Anhui Agricultural University

Research Topic: development of a seepage induced consolidation testing apparatus